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A child has been kidnapped…the clues lead to the old mansion on the edge of town…something horrible is about to happen and you have to stop it before it is too late.

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Tonight’s party is certainly an upper class affair and you are here to dig up the dirt on anyone you can because, in your book, information is money.   Unfortunately you have a few secrets of your own that you would just kill to keep hidden.

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The great engines drone as the Zeppelin glides through the moonlit Atlantic sky. Passengers dance to Jazz and drink fine wine as you and your fellows desperately search for the bomb that could destroy you all.

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Lady Poshbottom is very rich and very dead.  The cause of death was anything but “natural”, and you and your fellow investigators must find out who did the old lady in, and why.

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Jewel thief is not really a skill one would purposely put on ones resume, but who needs a resume when there are so many precious, sparkling gems here at the party tonight.  Now if you can just snag a couple without getting caught.

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Sound like fun?  Then read on! 

Melodramatic Mysteries is a true, live theater, interactive event where the participants are both actors and audience.  Each of you will become part of an exciting game as an actor, extra, or writer.  These interactive theater events (usually four per year) may last about four hours for a “social” type game, to eight or more hours for an “action” type game.  You may find yourself steeped in the deception, intrigue and blackmail of a 1920s dinner party at an elegant home (called a “social” game) or may be creeping quietly, gun in hand, through a gloomy cemetery in the dead of night as you and your fellows follow clue lines throughout the city and beyond, in an “action” game.

Our unique gaming experience will emphasize roleplay, nuance and high production values.  Our world of deep, multi-level plots and characters will range from Steam Punk to Science Fiction; from the historical periods of the Renaissance and Medieval Europe to the bizarre worlds of Fantasy and Horror; from Christie to Lovecraft, and from Chandler to Poe.

Our rule system will be simple and succinct.  Our high NPC to player ratio, creative prop crafters, and talented writing teams will make for a memorable player experience.

Come, leave the mundane world behind and join us at Melodramatic Mysteries.  Take a step into the world of mystery and suspense…who knows what may lie just around the corner!

And remember...It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you role-play the game that counts!

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